Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The tough decisions . . .

Justin and I talked and talked and prayed and talked to try and figure out what is best.  We have come to the decision that 2.5 hours in the car daily for me, 1.5 for the girls and 1 for Elijah just to do school drop offs is not OK.  It is expensive in gas and time better spent doing other things.  Having napless girls throwing tantrums during "homework" time, having to wake sleeping children to do homework at 5:30am, bedtimes at 6pm, not seeing daddy at all during the week . . . the cost was just too high.

We are joining two co-ops . . Thursday and Friday. . .so for 6 hours a week Elijah will be in a "classroom" setting and the girls will be in "preschool."  This is important to me because a return to real school is something that I see happening and I don't want them to be unprepared.  This will also give him a set amount of "socialization" and that is also something I want for him.  Monday through Wednesday we'll hit the homeschool hard . . . reading, Math, phonics . . fun times :)  The girls will do preschool, he will do homeschool.  It will all work out.  We'll find our groove and get it on.

We're also really praying about Justin telecommuting.  It would mean one day a week he could stay here and he might also be able to work a shorter day and be home for supper and then work for a few hours after the kiddos go to bed.  I am giddy at the thought of bedtime help during the week.  It would mean moving the girls into bunk beds and changing Bethy's room into an office.  We are seriously praying if this is the right decision . . .the sleepless time of adjustment is daunting.  Bethany routinely gets up between 4 and 5am so it would be tough on Lydia. 

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