Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Behtnay

  • You are Three--oh my how did that happen!?
  • You can talk so well--people often mistake you and Lydia for twins.
  • You love to dance to music. 
  • You have a great imagination and do some of the best imaginative play I have ever seen.
  • You can throw a mean tantrum.  In fact you can even make your self throw up and pass out.  What wonderful skills to have (sarcastic)
  • You don't have a favorite food--you will eat just about anything.  I don't know how we missed out on you with the picky stuff but you eat EVERYTHING we offer.  I can't think of a single thing other than salmon that you haven't liked and tried willingly.
  • You can do a great front-roll thanks to gymnastics.
  • You HATE shoes--but that is probably because from november through december you couldn't wear anything but flip flops because of your "bump" and now that its gone the scar is still tender so you pull off your shoes as fast as you can when we get in the car.
  • You sleep on the bottom bunk at night and the top at naptime if it is Lydia's turn to sleep in the bed in my room.
  • You get up at night STILL and drive me nuts!!  I put a couch in my room for you to sleep on but you always get me up to get a blanket or water or something. 
  • You love to color.
  • You know your countries, months of the year, days of the week and oceans.  You also know the books of the bible (all 66 of them) thanks to Brother's awana verses.
  • You love coffee just like your sister.
  • You love being my taste tester when I cook.
  • You love being held and snuggled.  I am so glad.
  • You've been potty trained for forever but just started being diaper free at nap.  Some mornings you are dry so nighttime isn't too far off!
  • You love your brother dearly.  You like Lydia but you and she fight a lot more.
  • You watch programs OK, but prefer reading and hands on stuff.
  • Your favorite activity is Puggles.

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