Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fangs and Veins

Bethany was looking at me and asked me: "Mommy--you have fangs on your arm?"
No--I have VEINS on my arm.  Fangs are pointy teeth.
Bethy: "Have BANGS on my hair.  Fangs in my arm.  See mommy--they are purple."

Today--at sprinkler time--the girls were still wearing clothes.  Elijah sprayed them and the proudly declared (when I can running to see what all of the tears were about)--"Mom!  I sprayed them!  Now they don't need a bath AAAAAANNNNDDDD  You don't have to wash their clothes!"

How helpful :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life is Happening . . Blogging isn't :)

Whew--for the past 3 weeks its been go go go!  With teaching cake decorating, a cake decorating workshop, a trip to spread ashes at Ocracoke and Small group I have not had a night at home in over 15 days.  Crazy right?  I am ready for May to be over so that we can enjoy our lazy summer plans. 

The girls are taking dance this month (one class a week at the Rec in Briar Creek).  It is fabulous (though Elijah could probably list for you a million things he'd rather do!).

Elijah starts Karate tonight.  Again, a 4 week "trial" at the rec.

I am teaching my last class for Jo-Anns.  Low pay, low enrollment and a horrible work environment have led me to decide that my class teaching there must come to an end.  I love teaching, just not paying to do it, which is the case with gas being so high and the store being so far away and the pay being less than half of what was promised.

The house is on the market it Wilson.  Wishing it would sell.

Sleep is a dream--getting home at 10pm most nights is killing me.  Especially with kiddos who think its fine to wake me 3 or 4 times a night and start their days pre-6am.  II'm averagine <4 hours a night long term which isn't good for anyone. 

That is all for now--its 6am and time to start the day.