Wednesday, January 30, 2013

School Take 2

Here is the LONG of it :)

November or so it became pretty clear that I am worshipping my children and not God.  They have become an idol.  I know they are important, I should invest in them . . . but I am doing so to the exclusion of my faith, myself (when is the last time I worked out??) and my husband.  Not good.  We pretty much came to the decision that God was leading us to put the children in school.  Since there are no lotteries or options availalbe halfway through the year we decided to apply for Elijah's 2nd grade and Lydia's K year of school and just continue homeschooling. 

There are a lot of options.  We didn't want to be driving again so that limited it somewhat, but still, between Charter schools, magnet schools and traditional vs. year round, there are a lot of options.  Add that to the fact that there are normally less than 3 spots open at any given school for the 2nd grade.  Couple that with the fact that we are trying to lottery into one of those three spots AND lottery in a kindergarter.  UGH!!  We asked on Sunday for prayer from our small group for wisdom and clear guidance about where we needed to put the children.  I have also been praying that we would be able to put them at the same school.

All of the Charters (Research Triangle and Voyager) state that those on the current waiting list (which we were) would be removed over the holiday break and no spots would be offered.  When nothing came up over the holiday we were slightly disappointed (we were only #3 on Research Triangles list!) but we expected it.

Today, while I was numb from getting a filling repaired, driving home, my phone rang.  I answered and it was Research Triangle Charter offering Elijah a spot in their 1st grade.  BUT, we only had 24 hours to decide or they would offer it to the next child on the list.  SERIOUSLY??  24 hours to ditch all of the planning, homeschool cirriculum, BRAND NEW BOOKS WE STARTED ON MONDAY??!!??  Seriously God?  NOW?? 

Alas--it is God's timing not mine.  I wouldn't have signed him up for a Lego class (which he loves), agreed to teach enrichment Tuesday afternoons (since it is going to make pickup a nightmare), written in the brand new math and reading and phonics books we just started (which I could have sold new--but now the first four lessons are done in them). . . and it is so fast.  Such a big change.

But this afternoon we went to see it in person and Elijah was trying so very hard to hate it.  He was sullen and determined not to like it.  But in the end the only dislike he could come up with was that "It isn't Kestrel Heights" and he is shy and nervous.  Pretty much those negatives will be applied to any and every school.  He also had a huge list of things he DID like.  Music to a mama's ears.  Before bed when I asked him what he hoped we would decide he said: "I hope you decide to at least let me give it a good try."

So here it is . . . tomorrow Elijah will report at 8am for testing and Monday he will start at the Research Triangle Charter Academy as a 1st grader.  This weekend is going to be a mess of getting uniforms, finding all black shoes, a belt (and practice with the belt!) and filling up the school supply list. 

Wow.  AND because he is a current student, that lottery I was fretting over, not a problem.  He gets a spot and his sister gets a spot because they have sibling preference. 

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