Thursday, February 14, 2013


Good grief--the funny things these kiddos say . . .

Elijah is learning the 23rd Psalm for Awana and  he said:

"You ignite my head with oil, my cup runs over"
Um . .  "ANNOINT" dear son :)

Lydia had put a bunch of toys all over and was hopping and skipping around them.  I asked her what she was doing and she said he was running her "Ox-table" course. 

Then today in the car, the girls were signing along to a song and had this conversation . .
Bethany: "Jesus wants me for a sun-bean?  What is a sun-bean?"
Lydia: "It is like a green bean, only it is the yellow one."
Bethany: "If Jesus wanted me to be a bean, he would have made me one.  I am a wittle girl."
Lydia: "Well, maybe the singer just got it wrong then. . . "

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