Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two Wheelin IT

Hopefully I will add pics and a video tomorrow when I go upstairs to that computer--

Lydia Grace.

3 weeks away from her 5th birthday.

She wants a trophy more than anything.  I told her that there was a trophy to be earned if she could learn to ride a two wheeler while she was still four years old.  Ohhhh . . that sneaky mama!  I figured any little girl with enough balance to do a handstand could surely ride a bike with no problems.

She ditched the training wheels last Monday.  My poor back!  We tried for about an hour on Monday to learn without the wheels.  A couple of pedal whacks to the legs and she was ready to quit.  Why do they put those darned spikes on the pedals anyway???  She was obsessed with the trophy though.  We even looked online to find some that she would like to keep her excitement and motivation up. 

It was a cold and rainy couple of days so I brought the bike inside.  Back and forth from the playroom to the kitchen.  Again and again and again.  Never really finding her balance for more than a couple of pedals.  The trophy ever present in her mind.  She wanted it, could almost feel it in her hands.  Her urgency heightened by the countdown chain suspended from the pillar . . counting down until her birthday.

Today, it was wonderful outside.  Nice and warm, sunny.  We had to miss church because the three kiddos and I are snotty and getting over colds.  What a great day to try again.  Her first mount she went about 20 feet before falling.  I quickly ran inside to get daddy and the camera to witness her debut as a two-wheel riding little girl.  She was amazing.  By the end of the afternoon she was easily pedaling around the culdesac. 

All that is left to master is the art of braking and getting started from a stop.  She'll have that down by the end of the week I am sure. 

We ordered the trophy today.  The purple column, the little golden plaque.  She is so excited for it to get here.

My 4 year old.

A bike rider.

I am amazed.

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