Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Elijah

Today it is your birthday, you are 7 years old!  You are awesome. 
Saturday we had a family party with Golden Corral for dinner.  Sunday you were Baptized.  Yesterday we spent the day with Gracyn, Cody and Brandi at the Water Park.  It was your first time and it was so much fun.

You love reading (especially with an incentive).  You like Wimpy Kid books and Magic Treehouse books.  You also have been reading Narnia with daddy but got irritated when he didn't read the last chapter of Dawn Treader, so you did it yourself.  You definitely read better than the average 7 year old!

You love Skylanders.  We had a light up skylanders cake for your birthday and you got Spyro Adventure and Giants for your brand new DS for your birthday.  You gto skylanders PJS, a blanket, a lunchbox and thermos and backpack and a notebook all with Skylanders on it. 

You love friends.   You remember Joel and Dylan from Wilson and are still fiercly loyal to those friendships.  You love Declan and John even though you don't see them often.  You are outgoing and seem to make friends and buddies no matter where you go--school, Awana's or church.  It is great that you can have so much fun with kids you just met.

You love being active--camps, VBS. . .it doesn't matter.  You also like having time with just one of us parents.  Special time of just you.

You can ride a bike with no training wheels. 

You are psyched to start soccer in the Fall.

You love your sisters but Lydia drives you absolutely nuts.  Bethany is definitely your favorite.

You are such a helper.  If I ask you to do chores (Except feeding the cat--you hate to feed the cat) you happily oblige.  You also sometimes look for things that need to be done like making the beds or clearing the table and just do it.  I love that about you.

You are so responsible.  I know if I tell you something and explain rules I can expect you to follow them.  You will also tell me others ARENT following the rules.

You want to be an artist/illustrator and illustrate your own children's stories when you grow up.  You can spend hours drawing.  You prefer drawing to anything else like craft or paint.  You love "How to Draw" books with the step by step instructions on them.

You love to build with Legos or Duplo blocks.  You can follow really complicated instructions.  You love it when the lego magazine comes and you have new projects. 

You are just generally an awesome, well mannered kid.  Most everyone talks about how wonderful you are (Especially your teachers and Sunday School Teachers) because you are happy, outgoing, cheerfull and follow directions/rules without questioning them.  We love you!!

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