Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lydia at Six

Lydia at six. . .
-You love Frozen the movie and singing all the songs. 
-Pizza is one of your favorite foods (Papa Johns is the best!) followed closely by meatloaf, but only baked in muffin tins.
-You hate sandwiches and bread of any sort
-Bojangles is your favorite restaurant hands down.  It doesn't matter if we've just eaten, if you see a sign for Bojangles you beg to stop and get a bacon biscuit.  You LOVE bacon biscuits.
-You are in Kindergarten and absolutely love your kindergarten teacher Miss Longoria.  You draw her pictures and love notes at least once a week.
-You love it when I come in every Friday to read to your class
-You had a gymnastics party with your sister, but were actually kind of glad for gymnastics to end.  I think you're burned out and ready to try something new.
-You still love baths, playing dress up, building with blocks and duplos.
-Art is your favorite special and you are a member of Art Club.  You are the only kindergartner in the club.
-You are getting slowly more and more used to loud noises.  You were able to handle fire drills at school, gym, tornado drills and even the circus!
-You can tie your shoes, whistle, blow a bubble with gum and easily ride a two wheeler.
-You prefer the scooter to the two wheeler.
-You LOVE mud and getting muddy and filthy.  Especially in our backyard.  Especially if I asked you NOT to get muddy.
-You are stubborn and think you know so much more than the rest of us.  You aren't afraid of losing money, privelages or discipline of any sort.  You do hate to get yelled at more than anything.
-The cat loves you and sleeps in your bed on cold nights.
-You can still cry and throw up on demand.
-You almost never wear matching pajamas (which drives your sister nuts because you are in the same size and she always wants to wear matching pajamas and you have used up all the sets)
-You still sneak suck your thumb (Grrrr!)
-You've lost two teeth and you pulled them BOTH out by yourself!
-You are really starting to get the hang of reading but you are a PRO at writing.  You can sound out things so well and you are super creative.