Friday, September 18, 2015

Elijah at 9.  You didn't want a party this year, you wanted to go to a theme park.  So we went to bush gardens and water country USA.  It was amazing and so much fun!  Turns out it was a good thing we didn't plan a party because you ended up getting sick.  You didn't even want to taste the cake.  I had to make it at granny's because our kitchen was in shambles from remodeling.  It was Minecraft madness.  You love Minecraft.  Granny have you grampys iPad and you have it to play on there.  You talk about it endlessly.  We had family over for a few minutes but you just weren't up for company.  We postponed your birthday dinner until the first day of school.  It was golden coral (of course!).  At 9 years old you are trying so hard to be more social.  It looks me that you don't have a true best friend to pak around with at school.  Joel Breiholz is as close as you've got but you only see him on play dates.  You are a good natured kids and everyone loves you.  You get along with everyone except Lydia.  You guys drive each other nuts.  Even so, you are fiercely protective of her.  You are getting ready to start the 4 th grade and you are so excited.  You're reading so well.. You and u read hatchet and my side if the mountain.  You're currently reading the maze runner book series.  You hate meat and will only eat chick fill a and hardees chicken nuggets.  You still love veggies and salads and your favorite food is still rutabagas.  You love me to read to you every night and scratch your back before bed.  You still would rather go to bed early and get up early than start up late and sleep in.  I keep waiting for you to sleep past 6am... No such luck.  You still hate jeans and want nothing but athletic shorts/pants and t-shirts.  You love to cook and bake and draw.  You are a talented artist.  Love you more than I can say.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dad's Memorial

My dad passed away after an 8 month battle with cancer.  This is the video we played at his memorial service celebrating the life he led. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lydia at Seven

Lydia at 7.
First grade superstar.  Boy do you hate math facts.  It is like pulling teeth to get you to practice them and you are horrible at them.  Speaking of pulling teeth, you are at 6 teeth out (and two wiggly ones up top).  You are quite possibly the most dramatic tooth puller I've ever seen.  You wiggle, wiggle, wiggle until it is so loose it pokes out between your lips.  We are all so sick of the loose tooth by the time it falls out it is a huge sigh of relief.  It involves gagging, drooling, crying and finally I get tired of the drama and pull it out. 
You are a flip-floppy cartwheeling fool.  You can do a round off and a cartwheel.  You and all the other first grade girls spend all of your courtyard time upside down.  You love to show off that skill.  You've also taught yourself to do a split.  You are so excited to show off your skills.
You love Ms. Blair (but not nearly as much as ms. Longoria) and you also love that I work at your school.  You drop by my room on the way in from recess, always hug me at courtyard time.  It is so fun to see you around school.
You absolutely hate to talk to daddy on the phone.  You refuse to hold the phone or do much more than poot noises into the phone.  You are OK getting dropped off with him for his weekends, but you are absolutely livid that he lied to you about moving closer to us and you are so angry that he is going through with the divorce after we've prayed the whole year about his heart.  You also want me to get you a new daddy and ask frequently if we will be getting a new "everyday daddy" as you call it.
You are now a complete pro at the no-training wheels bike riding and you are excited to try the triathalon again.  You love to run and race.
You are over the Frozen fever from last year.  You haven't really gotten a new passion.  You thought you wanted to ride horses but after a few lessons you seem to be losing interest.  You tried tumble, but missed the fun of the gym in Durham and asked to stop.  The hilight of your year has been being in the school musical.  Your first words after the show were "Can I do it next year?"  You loved the positive attention you got from that. 
You want to be grown up in so many ways (making your own meals, learning to use the DVD and TV downstairs, doing more chores) but you love to be little in so many ways (getting picked up, sleeping in my bed, sitting in my lap, getting rocked to sleep).  I am happy to have you stay little as long as you will!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bethany at Five!

It is hard to believe but the "baby" of our family is now five years old!
Here are some things about Bethany. . .
  1. She is the most resilient kid in our family.  So far this year she's had to deal with switching churches, moving to Wilson, Daddy' moving out, getting a dog, Grampy getting cancer, Mommy going back to work full time and day care.  All of that and she is only a little bit clingy in the mornings or when I leave her.
  2. Her vocabulary is out of this world.  Seriously, she knows more words than any other 5 year old I have ever met, even Elijah!
  3. She absolutely adores her preschool teacher, Ms. Johnstone.  She is quite possibly Bethany's most favorite person.
  4. She acts all clingy and whiny just around mommy to see if she can get her way. 
  5. She is a sneak and will sneak in for snuggles with someone (Lydia or mommy) at some point most nights.
  6. She doesn't have a set "lovey" that she needs to have to be content.  Any soft and fuzzy item will do.
  7. She despises the cat.
  8. She loves the dog but hates the dogs paws being on her.
  9. She is a great sleeper and normally sleeps for 11 hours every night.
  10. In her 4 year old year she learned to ride a two wheeler. 
  11. Frozen is her favorite movie and she often wants to wear her hair like Elsa (coronation hair and have it up, or a braid and have it down)
  12. She will eat just about anything including seaweed, parsnips, beets and just about any meat.  She doesn't like raw carrots or chocolate chips.
  13. She can write her letters and name and loves to do "homework" with her brother and sister.  She is reading a handful of sight words and loving her decodable books from school.
  14. She can carry a tune and sing better than Lydia and Elijah put together.
  15. She loves to dance but doesn't like dance classes.