Friday, September 18, 2015

Elijah at 9.  You didn't want a party this year, you wanted to go to a theme park.  So we went to bush gardens and water country USA.  It was amazing and so much fun!  Turns out it was a good thing we didn't plan a party because you ended up getting sick.  You didn't even want to taste the cake.  I had to make it at granny's because our kitchen was in shambles from remodeling.  It was Minecraft madness.  You love Minecraft.  Granny have you grampys iPad and you have it to play on there.  You talk about it endlessly.  We had family over for a few minutes but you just weren't up for company.  We postponed your birthday dinner until the first day of school.  It was golden coral (of course!).  At 9 years old you are trying so hard to be more social.  It looks me that you don't have a true best friend to pak around with at school.  Joel Breiholz is as close as you've got but you only see him on play dates.  You are a good natured kids and everyone loves you.  You get along with everyone except Lydia.  You guys drive each other nuts.  Even so, you are fiercely protective of her.  You are getting ready to start the 4 th grade and you are so excited.  You're reading so well.. You and u read hatchet and my side if the mountain.  You're currently reading the maze runner book series.  You hate meat and will only eat chick fill a and hardees chicken nuggets.  You still love veggies and salads and your favorite food is still rutabagas.  You love me to read to you every night and scratch your back before bed.  You still would rather go to bed early and get up early than start up late and sleep in.  I keep waiting for you to sleep past 6am... No such luck.  You still hate jeans and want nothing but athletic shorts/pants and t-shirts.  You love to cook and bake and draw.  You are a talented artist.  Love you more than I can say.

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