Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bethany at 6

Bethany, you are an amazing girl.  I can't wait to watch you continue growing and changing.
You love hairstyles.  Your hair is long and you love fancy braids and updos.  We look on Pinterest for ideas and you love to give mama a challenge at 5:30 in the morning. 

You love snuggles and being rocked.  You will always come in for morning snuggles, but occasionally you have bad dreams or feel crummy or say to me "I just need to hold you tonight" and you sleep in my bed.  Oh my word it is so wonderful!  You are still,you don't snore, you are just sweet and wonderful.

You are an amazing eater.  You will try anything, including octopus!  You love things no one else in the family likes--capers, pepperoni, hummus and Roquefort cheeses.  You take seaweed to school, eat casseroles, ostrich. . .you name it and you'll try it! 

You are super artistic like your brother.  You love to draw and color.  You are loving kindergarten and learning how to read.  It drives you crazy that brother and sister can read and you can't.

Your favorite show is Zaboomafoo.  We had hoped to get a lemur for your party, but Dan's lemur died.  He brought a monkey and other animals.  You didn't even flinch when he asked you to hold the four foot alligator.  You are so brave!

You have tow best friends, Adeline and Sydney.  Adeline is your best friend all day at school and Sydney goes to after school so she and you play a lot there.  I am so glad that you are making friends of your own at school.

You started dance this year and like it a lot.  You want to be in the nutcracker next year.  Right now you only take one class a week, Jazz. 

You were in your first plays this year: the school musical and Winnie the Pooh.  The acting bug has hit and you've tried out for several other plays in Act for youth.  I am so glad that you enjoy being up in front of a crowd.  Public speaking is such a wonderful skill to have.  You also keep a great attitude no matter what part you get or don't get.  That positive spirit is so admirable.

You are almost past needing loveys.  Anything soft will do to hold on to while you fall asleep. 

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