Saturday, January 16, 2016

Love of Learning

My job as a mother and as a teacher is to inspire my kids to love learning.  My goal as a teacher is to help kids fall in love with Science.  I want to create kids that want to learn for the sake of learning, not so that they can pass a test.  Curious, self-driven learners are who are going to be the innovators and the leaders, not the kiddos who ace the test and forget the material five minutes afterwards.

I've noticed a lot of people ask me "Is there anything you can't do?"  Yes, there are lots of things I can't do, but there isn't much I am not willing to LEARN how to do.

This past week for example, I learned four new things:
  1. Use a saw and drill--not really skilled with that, but a few you tube videos and a little self confidence and I can install a cat door.  
  2. Decorate a cake a certain way--like a lemur?  Maybe not at first, but some practice, tutorials, failed attempts and trial and error and I can get it done.  Was it perfect? Nope, but it sure tasted yummy!
  3. Crochet a cool new pattern for an ear muff with a cool flower?  Maybe not, but it is easy to pull out the wrong stitches and try again.  After four attempts, I got it right and it looks really great!
  4. Make a music video for school?  I had no idea!  I took about 300 video clips of kiddos and used iMovie to put them together.  The finished product isn't perfect, but it is good.  My next movie will be better.  I went from not knowing how to turn on an iPad to making a pretty awesome video in a week's time.
While some things come easier than others, I'm not afraid of hard work to succeed.  I am not afraid to mess up and have to start again.  I am not afraid to fail and ask for help to figure something out.  I pray to God that I am teaching my kiddos at school and my own at home that failure is a part of life.  Learning is a part of life.  I will never in my life have to take a test on how to crochet or how to install a cat door, but I learned a new skill.  I enjoyed it.  It was fun.

When kids at school complain about math or history or science I explain it to them this way.  There are so many things you might love to do.  It's our job to expose you to a whole bunch of different things--math and history and science--so that you can find out what you really love.  Once you find that thing, you can focus on that in college or in your career.  It is so much easier to go to work everyday doing something that brings you joy.  Maybe one of you kids is the next math genius, but if we let you stop math because you didn't like learning times tables, you would live out your whole life missing out on something you were just meant to do.

What is your philosophy on learning new things??

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