Monday, May 02, 2016

Lydia at 8

Lydia at 8,
You dont' like to sleep alone and claim to have "nightmares" so that you can sleep with me in my bed.
You love beets and jicama and hate sandwiches of all sorts.  You think you are allergic to cashews and anytime you don't like something you claim it makes you "itchy" and that it probably has cashews in it.  You love to be the center of attention and are so excited that you have a role in the Little Mermaid.
You bite you nails to the quick and pick at every little cut and scrape so that they last for months, especially ones on your face.
You hate dance, except for the being on stage part, and are looking forward to starting Tae Kwon Do. 
You want to dye your hair very blonde or pink, you haven't decided yet, but you don't like "dirty blonde" hair because it has the word dirty in it.
You love baths but you hate to wash your hair or your body.  You just want to soak and play toys. 
You and Bethany are like two peas in a pod--you love hanging out together.  Elijah and you are arch-enemies and you do whatever you can to annoy him, especially singing in the car.
You are loving the fact that you can microwave stuff now and follow recipes.  You melt chocolate chips and peanut butter and pour them over bananas at every chance.
You love Harry Potter and have seen all of the movies.  You are on book two of the series.
You hate loud noises, but are getting much better with them.
You love anything with sugar in it.
You love hamburgers and buying school lunch.
You feel like you don't fit in at school.  Mary Michael and Emily and Caitlin are the "popular girls" and they tease you.  Camryn is your best buddy at school though and you guys get along really well. 

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