Monday, March 13, 2017

Lydia at 9

Lydia at 9--
You love Harry Potter and a Series of Unfortunate Events.
You are brilliant--you have the least problem of anyone with homework and you just do wonderfully in school without much effort.
You are on Science Olympiad and doing great.  You know more about genetics than most of the 7th graders.
You love tumble and can do a headstand, hand stand, front and back walkover and a bridge, cartwheel, roundoff and running cartwheel.  You just got moved to advanced tumble and are learning back handsprings.
You love you sister like no other and you guys love to sleep together in bed.
You love your loft bed.
You are learning the piano and teaching yourself so much!
You are stubborn as a mule (still).
You don't have many friends at school, but Cameron and Ava B are your two best buds. 
You love desserts--especially ice cream.
You love to try and sneak and say curse words.  You think they are hilarious.
You are still very dramatic and love to cry and whine if you don't get your way.
You and Elijah pick at each other so much.
You hate that you have to ride in a booster seat.
You're almost 60 lbs, but not quite.  You are my petite princess.
You love chickens.  You love everything chicken. You want more chickens.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Bethany at 7

Bethany at 7-

You are a mama's girl.  You try and come up with any and every excuse to get to sleep in my bed.  You still love to snuggle and often convince Lydia to let you sleep with her.

You love your new kitten Navidad.  You tote him around like he's a doll.

Your favorite things to do are craft and color.  You also like to play board games. You like watching shows on Netflix and love the cartoon "Home" most of all.

You are a super adventurous eater.  You eat just about anything but don't like chocolate milk or drinks with bubbles.  You always choose to drink water.  You will pack seaweed in your lunch, you will eat octopus on a buffet and you'll try anything anyone else is eating. 

You have a best friend, Adeline, and you name everything after her (stuffed animals, your chicken, characters in stories you invent).  The two of you are adorable together.  You play so well and it is giggle city.  You guys have playdates as often as we can arrange them.

You get ear infections almost every month.  It is horrible.  Your ear drums constantly rupture which makes your balance terrible.  We had to put the training wheels back on your bike because your balance is so bad.  I can't wait until you grow out of it.

You were in Nutcracker this year and loved it except for getting an ear infection on the performance weekend.  You also hate dance.  You've started Tae Kwon Do and are really getting good at it.

You aren't reading well yet, but you are trying hard.  I can't wait until you finally get it and want to read.  Right now it is a big struggle to get you to read.  Your year in school has been tough though.  They fired your teacher a few weeks into school and now you have a morning teacher and an afternoon teacher.  Its hard having the split class, but you're taking it in stride.

Elijah At 10

Elijah at 10--
You love Minecraft and Pokemon like all the other kids on the planet. 

You are enthralled with Grampy's old iPad and have figured out how to make videos.  You have your own YouTube channel (Science Kidz) and you post videos related to science and other things on there.  You are pretty proud of your videos and subscribers and can't wait until something "goes viral."

You like Tae Kwon Do.  Master Mercer is one of your favorite people.  You have severe anxiety about the kids only class, so we do the adult class together.  You are moving on up and are an Orange Belt.  You have come a long way since January--your flexibility slowly improves and you are getting much better at balancing and picking up new combinations.

You are still a great swimmer and love the beach and pool.  You weren't at all interested in boogie boarding this year.

You have pulled away from Nana and Granny.  You still love them, but you are perfectly content hanging out at home.  You don't crave time with your granparents like you have in the past.

You are the only one that will reliably talk on the phone with daddy.  You will always chat with him for a few minutes when he calls.  You rarely want to call him which hurts my heart.  I wish you had a better relationship with dad.

You don't have many close friends at school  You don't get invited to birthday parties often and have only been asked on one playdate. You don't fit in with the "jock" factor that is in your class.  For the second year in a row you've decided that rather than risk a birthday party, that you'd rather just go to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. 

This year your conquered Apollo's Chariot and you did it solo!  You also rode Loch Ness Monster about 6 times.

You love to read and Warriors is your favorite series. You've reread the Wimpy Kids at leas 5 times through.  You still love to read with me at bedtime and right now we're working our way through the Tomb Quest series.