Monday, January 02, 2017

Bethany at 7

Bethany at 7-

You are a mama's girl.  You try and come up with any and every excuse to get to sleep in my bed.  You still love to snuggle and often convince Lydia to let you sleep with her.

You love your new kitten Navidad.  You tote him around like he's a doll.

Your favorite things to do are craft and color.  You also like to play board games. You like watching shows on Netflix and love the cartoon "Home" most of all.

You are a super adventurous eater.  You eat just about anything but don't like chocolate milk or drinks with bubbles.  You always choose to drink water.  You will pack seaweed in your lunch, you will eat octopus on a buffet and you'll try anything anyone else is eating. 

You have a best friend, Adeline, and you name everything after her (stuffed animals, your chicken, characters in stories you invent).  The two of you are adorable together.  You play so well and it is giggle city.  You guys have playdates as often as we can arrange them.

You get ear infections almost every month.  It is horrible.  Your ear drums constantly rupture which makes your balance terrible.  We had to put the training wheels back on your bike because your balance is so bad.  I can't wait until you grow out of it.

You were in Nutcracker this year and loved it except for getting an ear infection on the performance weekend.  You also hate dance.  You've started Tae Kwon Do and are really getting good at it.

You aren't reading well yet, but you are trying hard.  I can't wait until you finally get it and want to read.  Right now it is a big struggle to get you to read.  Your year in school has been tough though.  They fired your teacher a few weeks into school and now you have a morning teacher and an afternoon teacher.  Its hard having the split class, but you're taking it in stride.

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